Press Release

ARCHICAD 19 - Now Shipping

Auckland, New Zealand, Wednesday 22nd July, 2015.
Today Cadimage Group announced that the latest version of ARCHICAD, New Zealand’s most popular BIM software, is now shipping.

We are pleased to announce that ARCHICAD 19 is ready for shipping throughout New Zealand. This version of ARCHICAD is set be 'Faster than Ever', with lightning-fast response times, and:

Predictive background processing – ARCHICAD 19 aims to provide near-instant model views. No more waiting for views to load means a faster workflow for your team.

Refreshed, intuitive interface – This version has been developed from the group up to address the architect's desire for great design without compromising on practical needs.

Improved interoperatability functions – ARCHICAD 19 allows users to import the FIC model exactly as it looked in the original application in which it was created, for 'perfect geometry with minimal attributes'.

For more information about ARCHICAD 19 including pricing, please contact Debbie Garrett at Cadimage Group via email or visit

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